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Education freedom key to religious liberty

July 9, 2002 0

The debate surrounding government education and religion took an interesting turn with recent…

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Charter school law too restrictive

June 25, 2002 0

Oregon passed its charter school law to foster educational freedom. The recent negotiations…

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Victory for school choice!


Last week the U.S. Supreme Court issued its long awaited ruling that low-income…

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I-5 Partnership locks in traffic

June 18, 2002 0

The I-5 Partnership, representing the states of Oregon and Washington, will adopt final…

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Business support for public power raises red flags

June 11, 2002 0

The failure of so-called electricity deregulation in California and the bankruptcy of Enron…

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Keep the quorum: Preserve the double-majority rule

June 4, 2002 0

Low voter turnout in the recent Oregon primary election helped block numerous tax…

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Do teacher unions really benefit children?

May 28, 2002 0

During the recent primary election the Oregon Education Association (OEA) got what it…

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What if they held an election and no one came?

May 21, 2002 0

Voter apathy is the popular explanation for low voter turnout. As the director…

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Lesson from New Zealand: Plow under U.S. farm subsidies

May 14, 2002 0

President Bush showed his anti-consumer, anti-taxpayer side on Monday, May 13: he signed…

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School funding waltz: Measure 5, equalization and legislative puppeteering

May 7, 2002 0

Political candidates and editorial boards across the state blame Measure 5 for centralizing…

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