Month: December 2006

Help Wanted

Sreya SarkarQuickPoint!

The biggest question confronting private-sector industries in Oregon is how they will replace the skilled workforce approaching retirement.

40% of Oregon workers are 45 or older. Manufacturing is one of the industries that will be the hardest hit. 15% of manufacturing workers are 55 and older.

Oregon saw a 1.3% gain in (more…)

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(In)security and Safety Nets

Bina PatelCascade Commentary


Public benefit programs to support families in crisis have become distorted into entitlements, and yet government has little, if any, obligation to pay out future benefits. Policy ideas like individual asset accounts offer common ground for policymakers to collaborate on revamping outdated programs, while concretely enhancing the financial security of individuals. (more…)

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Moving Out

Steve BucksteinQuickPoint!

After spending the first sixteen years of its existence located in downtown Portland, Cascade Policy Institute has moved not only out of downtown, but several blocks outside the city limits to an office building in Raleigh Hills. The reasons for our move mirror those given by much older establishments.

The Rogoway family recently moved its jewelry store out of downtown after being there for 110 years. (more…)

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