Month: June 2004

Aboard the Starship Private Enterprise


Last Monday, an historic event occurred in the skies over the Mojave Desert. The first privately owned and piloted vehicle exited the Earth’s atmosphere for a few brief minutes. Until then, space had been the exclusive province of governments. This new area of spaceflight suddenly turns dreams into real possibilities for the private sector—and provides an excellent opportunity for government to get out of the space race.

The impetus for this occasion was the (more…)

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Get with the Times: Sell SAIF

Steve BucksteinQuickPoint!

Recent revelations about SAIF Corporation have caused some to demand that the state get out of the workers’ compensation insurance business — and rightly so. There are many solid reasons to privatize SAIF.

SAIF insures only 40 percent of Oregon’s workers, and there are (more…)

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One Small Step for Property Rights

John A. Charles, Jr.QuickPoint!

Last week, the Portland City Council adopted a plan to build and finance the aerial tram that will run from OHSU to the North Macadam district down along the Willamette River. In a surprise move, the Council approved an amendment offered by Commissioner Dan Saltzman that requires the city to buy any properties below the tram’s right-of-way if the owners feel that the market value is threatened by the tram. The city will then re-sell the homes, either reaping the rewards of profit or bearing the risk of loss.

This is an important recognition by the (more…)

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Fiscally Responsible Democrats


We should applaud the demise of an Oregon Legislative Special Session for one good reason: Democrats took the opportunity to proclaim support for fiscal responsibility. Many publicly stated such a gathering would waste taxpayer dollars. Buoyed by these pronouncements, the next regular session could advance ideas that increase freedom and reduce the burden of state government on all Oregonians.

Fiscally responsible Democrats can support contracting out as a way to (more…)

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