Cascade Policy Institute’s internship program is open to undergraduate and graduate students representing all academic disciplines, eager to hone their investigative, analytical, and professional skills. 

Preference is given to students with a background in economics, business, public policy, political science, or related fields, or fields related to policy areas on which Cascade is currently working. 

Candidates with less than three years of undergraduate study (including nontraditional students who may have related work experience) may be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Successful candidates will work well in a professional office environment, aspire to excellence in their work and demonstrate persistence; value constructive feedback from mentors; and welcome the opportunity to grow in their research, writing, and public speaking skills. 

An internship at Cascade Policy Institute provides the opportunity for in-depth experience working across professional disciplines in a small nonprofit with fewer than ten team members. Exposure to multiple operational aspects of a nonprofit organization, with individual mentoring, can be a solid preparation for a variety of roles in similar or larger organizations across the freedom movement. 

An internship at Cascade Policy Institute will include the following opportunities: 

•           Research, analyze, and write about key public policy issues in the State of Oregon. Policy areas may include educational choice, workplace freedom (right to work), public pension reform, transportation/public transit, land use planning, state-level fiscal issues, free-market environmentalism, and health care.

•           Publish articles for our website, social media platforms, and weekly e-newsletter. Write and record QuickPoint commentaries (90-second radio spots) to air on Oregon radio stations.

•           Receive training in development-specific, nonprofit clerical and database activities to provide support to staff with processing donations and thanking benefactors, as needed.

•           Attend informal lectures, events, and policy presentations.

•           Participate in skills training classes and receive one-on-one public speaking training.

•           Travel with Cascade staff to public meetings and/or hearings at the State Capitol in Salem or around the Portland metro area. Interns may have the opportunity to present testimony.

•           Work with a staff mentor to develop research, analytical, and professional skills.

•           Enjoy social activities with Cascade’s staff, board, and fellow interns. 

Students interested in an internship at Cascade Policy Institute are strongly encouraged to apply through the Koch Internship Program. 

Applicants to the Koch Internship Program, administered by the Charles Koch Institute, may request to be placed for their internship at Cascade Policy Institute. The Koch Internship Program is approximately eight weeks long and provides a stipend. KIP Fellows participate in online seminars and projects with Fellows based in Washington, D.C. and in think tanks across the United States. Applicants should apply separately to this program at 

Cascade considers Koch Internship Program applicants on a case-by-case basis. Cascade also considers candidates interested in the Koch Associate Program. KAP is a ten-month-long program of professional education and a full-time job for young adults seriously considering careers promoting free societies at public policy organizations or other related nonprofits. Candidates should apply directly to the Koch Associate Program. 

If you are interested in receiving college credit for a Cascade internship, please contact your campus advisor regarding your school’s requirements, paperwork, etc. Cascade staff will be happy to complete the necessary forms that you submit for course credit. 

While Cascade does not offer housing for interns, Cascade staff will work with interns to find accommodations during their stay in Portland. 

Please note, all interns must provide their own laptops to participate in the internship program. 

For more information about internship opportunities, please contact Kathryn Hickok at (503) 242-0900 or 

If you, your company, or your private foundation would like to sponsor an internship position at Cascade Policy Institute, please contact Kathryn Hickok at (503) 242-0900 or Your donation will provide an unparalleled educational opportunity to worthy college students and will lead to the shaping of our future public policy leaders.