As more people work remotely, a reliable grid is needed now more than ever

By Rachel Dawson “The vast disparity between the rich and the poor is, in large part, designed by the disparity between those who have electricity an...

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ODOT Must Move Forward on the Rose Quarter I-5 Bottleneck

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. Last week, the Oregon Transportation Commission took a significant step in the process of widening I-5 through the Rose Quart...

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Online charter school students were learning at home just fine, so why have their schools been taken away from them?

By Kathryn Hickok If Oregon charter school students can stay at home and stay in school at the same time, shouldn’t they be able to? Governor Ka...

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Small Modular Reactors Are Not the 20th-Century Nuclear Plants We’re Familiar With

By Rachel Dawson Oregon, it’s about time we talk about nuclear power. No, I don’t mean major reactors like PGE’s decommissioned Trojan Nuclear P...

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The Upcoming PERS Crisis: The system is facing a $30 billion shortfall—radical reform is needed

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. Coronavirus has hit the economy hard. Nearly all the stock market gains from the past two or three years have been wiped out....

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Oregon Can Support Workers by Reducing Regulations

By Rachel Dawson Businesses across Oregon are laying off employees and shuttering their doors, triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak and Kate Brown’s ...

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Tax Relief Can Slow the Spread of COVID-19 Financial Panic

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. The coronavirus is already taking a toll on our pocketbooks. Families are facing layoffs. Businesses are closing—and some may...

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Kate Brown is out of touch if she thinks an executive order is needed to reduce emissions

By Rachel Dawson Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown responded to the Republican walk-out and end of the 2020 legislative short session by saying that she...

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Cascade Policy Institute Asks the Federal Transit Administration to Enforce Light Rail Contracts with TriMet

March 9, 2020 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: John A. Charles, Jr. (503) 242-0900 john@cascadepolicy.org Portland, OR – Cascade Polic...

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The Housing Crisis Isn’t a Portland Problem; It’s a UGB Problem

By Rachel Dawson Portland’s housing crisis isn’t unique to the Metro region. Other areas of Oregon, such as Bend in Central Oregon, are also experi...

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