T2020 is the transportation measure that Metro wants—not Portland residents

By Rachel Dawson Is it possible to spend billions of dollars on transportation to make congestion worse? According to Metro, the answer is “yes.” ...

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Oregon’s population growth: Slow and steady may not win the race

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. Oregon’s population grew by more than 41,000 residents last year, according to Portland State University’s Population Researc...

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Early Coal Closures Could Spell Trouble for Grid Reliability

By Rachel Dawson The Northwest Power and Conservation Council regularly assesses the adequacy of our region’s power supply using a loss of load pro...

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Deal With It—Commuters Need Cars

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. How did you get to work today? If you’re like 80% of Portland-area commuters, you rode in a car. And, on your way to and from...

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Why Cap-and-Trade Can’t Be “Tweaked”

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. Oregon is less than three months away from the next meeting of the Legislature and cap-and-trade is coming back. While Cal...

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Miss Virginia

By Miranda Bonifield Virginia Walden Ford is a mom whose extraordinary sacrifice and determination changed not just her own child’s life, but the l...

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Voters Should Reject Ballot Measure 26-203

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. By now, Oregon voters have received their ballots for the November 5 election. One of the items is Measure 26-203: a $475 mil...

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Enough Is Enough: Voters Should Reject Metro’s Bond Measure

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. By now Oregon voters have received their ballots for the November 5 election. One of the items in the Portland region is Meas...

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Metro’s Housing Philosophy is Political, Not Practical

By Miranda Bonifield Metro’s attempts to provide low-income public housing since last year’s $653 million bond measure passed have been stymied by ...

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Press Release: Cascade Policy Institute Publishes Comprehensive Study of Metro’s Parks and Nature Program

October 15, 2019 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contacts: John A. Charles, Jr. Eric Fruits, Ph.D. PORTLAND, OR – In the next week or so, Portland ...

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