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A Money-Back Guarantee for Oregon Students

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. Oregon public school students are not likely to return to their classrooms this fall, with Portland Public Schools bracing pa...

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Oregon Needs a Moratorium on Overbroad Laws

By Vlad Yurlov Once again, Oregon’s legislature has succumbed to shortsighted politics. Effective June 30, House Bill 4213 prohibits landlords from...

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Portland Politicians Suffer From the Edifice Complex

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. On July 24th, the New York Times ran a 2,300-word piece describing the challenges owners of vacation homes have faced in conv...

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Metro’s Broken Promise of Racial Equity

By Helen Doran A scenic drive through the country does not usually call to mind the empty promises of local government. But this drive was differen...

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School Choice Means Equitable Funding

By Cooper Conway Last week, the United States officially surpassed 4 million documented coronavirus cases. With only a few weeks before students re...

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COVID-19 is limiting classroom access; it’s time to stop limiting Oregon’s online charter school enrollment

By Cooper Conway The Oregon Education Association (OEA) recently penned a letter to legislators urging them to maintain a strict limit on the numbe...

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TriMet’s decreasing ridership makes the SW Corridor project obsolete

By Rachel Dawson TriMet’s weekly system boardings were down 68% in May compared to last year due to the Coronavirus, and ridership will likely stay...

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Regulating Third Party Food Delivery Services is Hurting, Not Helping, Portlanders

By Rachel Dawson Based on the passage of a 10% cap on commission fees collected by third-party food delivery services from Portland restaurants, it...

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Coronavirus Shouldn’t Stop Learning

By Cooper Conway On March 16, Governor Kate Brown directed Oregon schools to stop in-person classes to slow the spread of COVID-19. Facing an uncer...

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Energy Reform Is Needed to Combat Rising Energy Bills in Oregon

By Rachel Dawson After 42 years, the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA) may be finally getting the update it has needed for years. P...

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