Month: October 2003

Why are health care costs going down?


People are becoming smart shoppers when it comes to health care. That’s helping to control and reduce costs. (Please note: There is a difference between health care and health insurance.)

More organizations have begun to buy health insurance the same way they (more…)

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Who’s responsible for your children’s education?

Steve BucksteinQuickPoint!

Who is responsible for your children’s education? One hundred fifty years ago the answer would have been obvious, parents were responsible. Today, that answer is much more debatable.

Two years ago a Portland Public Schools board member proclaimed (more…)

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The gridlocking of Portland

John A. Charles, Jr.QuickPoint!

Last week the Texas Transportation Institute released its annual congestion rankings, and named Portland the 8th-worst city in America for traffic. Portland officials, upset that even Seattle is now ranked more favorably (12th), complained vehemently that the survey was inaccurate and besmirched Portland’s reputation as the nation’s most livable city.

But it’s difficult to understand why (more…)

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Do I hear $75,000? $65,000 plus benefits?


Competitive bidding has been successfully employed around the world to help reduce the cost of government services and improve their quality. Competitive bidding could help reduce government payroll costs.

Jerry Yudelson wrote about this idea many years ago in The Daily Journal of Commerce. He developed the idea while (more…)

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