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Imagine an Oregon where individual liberty, voluntarism, and personal responsibility are valued. Where “tax fatigue” is a thing of the past, traffic is obsolete, and businesses are thriving. An Oregon where homelessness has a solution and cities are safe and clean. Where children have choices in education, government is limited, and people are free to pursue their dreams. That is the future Cascade Policy Institute fights for every day.

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Top Issues in Oregon



Transportation drives prosperity. Oregon needs a system that moves people and goods quickly and safely through our state. Cascade looks at market-based mechanisms for providing these services.


Right to Work

No Oregonian should be compelled to join a union or pay union dues to hold a job. Cascade works to grant true employee freedom to every worker in the state.


Health Care

Oregonians deserve quality health care. Cascade has been a leader in predicting the failure of the Oregon Health Plan and in promoting consumer-driven health care.



Whether or not Oregon kids have access to a quality education shouldn’t be determined by their street address. Cascade advocates for school choice for all Oregon parents so they can find the right fit for their child to succeed.


Land Use

Oregonians face one of the nation’s most restrictive, state-wide regulatory systems. Cascade promotes reforms that will allow real estate markets to function properly.


Economic Opportunity

Oregonians live in one of the most unfriendly states to small businesses. Cascade promotes free market solutions to improve economic opportunity for every Oregonian.


Tax & Budget

Cascade analyzes Oregon state and local tax and budget policies with an eye toward enhancing individual liberty, personal responsibility, and economic opportunity.



Improved environmental quality goes hand-in-hand with economic prosperity, and both flourish when property rights are respected. Cascade is the leading voice for free-market environmentalism.

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