New Year, New Tax: What You Need to Know About Oregon’s Gross Receipts Tax

By Katie Eyre, CPA The 2019 Oregon Legislature established a new tax affecting all firms that do business in Oregon. While it is called by its misn...

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Espinoza and Equal Opportunity in Education

By Miranda Bonifield In 1926, an Oregon school controversy made it all the way to the nation’s Supreme Court. But the issue on the table wasn’t tea...

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New Portland Design Guideline Will Place Responsibility for Homeless Crisis on Private Property Owners

By Rachel Dawson There is a homeless crisis in Portland. According to a recent count by Portland State University, the number of people found livin...

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Press Release: Report shows possible benefits to workers, employers, and unions from increased competition in representation

December 30, 2019 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Eric Fruits, Ph.D. (503) 242-0900 PORTLAND, Ore. – Research pu...

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Inter-Union Competition and Workplace Freedom: Ending Exclusive Representation

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Labor unions exist to improve compensation and working conditions for union membership. Consequently, un...

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Don’t Pop the Champagne on Oregon’s Job Numbers

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. Oregon is at near full employment. That’s good news, but don’t break out the champagne just yet. Our fizz may soon go flat. J...

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Why Wapato Is the Right Facility for Portland’s Homeless Crisis

By Rachel Dawson On December 2, I had the opportunity to tour the Wapato Corrections Facility, along with about 100 others. It sits at the heart of a...

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T2020 is the transportation measure that Metro wants—not Portland residents

By Rachel Dawson Is it possible to spend billions of dollars on transportation to make congestion worse? According to Metro, the answer is “yes.” ...

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Oregon’s population growth: Slow and steady may not win the race

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. Oregon’s population grew by more than 41,000 residents last year, according to Portland State University’s Population Researc...

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Early Coal Closures Could Spell Trouble for Grid Reliability

By Rachel Dawson The Northwest Power and Conservation Council regularly assesses the adequacy of our region’s power supply using a loss of load pro...

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