Portland’s Temporary Gas Tax Should Stay Just That

By Rachel Dawson Portland’s temporary gas tax should stay just that: temporary. Portland voters approved the 10 cent per gallon gas tax three ye...

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Residents Say Portland is Not the City that Works

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. What if the self-proclaimed “City that Works” isn’t working? That’s what Portland residents are saying. Last week the City...

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Stop Raising Rents in Portland

By Micah Perry On Wednesday, August 7, 2019, the Portland City Council passed yet another ordinance that will harm the housing market in the city. ...

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The Government-Sanctioned Cat-And-Mouse Game

By Vlad Yurlov Governments often try to pat themselves on the back. The minimum wage has long been a tool for this. As I began my trek from Foster ...

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Congestion Pricing in Portland: Good in Theory, Bad in Practice

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. “Good in theory, bad in practice.” Sure, it’s a cliché, but it’s a cliché because so often it’s true. It looks to be especial...

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Metro: Where Temporary Means Forever

By Rachel Dawson Milton Friedman once famously said that “nothing is more permanent than a temporary government program.” If Friedman were currentl...

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Portland’s City Council Wants Rent to Go Up

By Micah Perry The Portland City Council recently passed a new ordinance that will require landlords to register all of their rental units with the...

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Oregon Distilleries Deserve Better

By Helen Cook How much would you be willing to pay in taxes for your local business? Thirty-three percent of total sales from Oregon distillerie...

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Think TriMet’s New Electric Buses Run on Wind Power? Think Again.

By Rachel Dawson TriMet unveiled five new battery-electric buses (BEBs) in April 2019, the sides of which all donned images of windmills and sweepi...

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Charter Schools Create Diverse Choices for Students with Different Needs

By Miranda Bonifield Parents know the educational needs of their children are as diverse as they are. As Lance Izumi notes in his new book Choosing...

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