Metro’s Transportation Package: Progressive Politics Mask Regressive Tax

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. While much of the region is stuck at home under the governor’s “stay home, stay safe” order, the Metro regional government is...

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Metro’s $700,000 Sentiment

By Helen Cook On June 25th, Metro approved $700,000 in taxpayer money for what is best entitled a nice sentiment: Metro’s Nature in Neighborhoods p...

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The Big Jobs Squeeze of 2020

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. This is a terrible time to own and run a business. While the past three months have been dismal, the next few months could be...

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July Minimum Wage Increase Means Maximum Uncertainty

By Cooper Conway On July 1st, the Portland area’s minimum wage will increase from $12.50 per hour to $13.25. This wage increase is part of a multi-...

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Supreme Court Upholds Parents’ Right to Choose Religious Schools

By Kathryn Hickok The U.S. Supreme Court ruled June 30 in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue that states’ school choice laws may not discrim...

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You can count on the “Every Mile Counts” plan to make life costlier for Oregonians

By Rachel Dawson Governor Kate Brown took carbon policy into her own hands earlier this year after the failure of Oregon’s cap-and-trade bill by is...

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OLCC Provides a Silver Lining in COVID-19 Recovery

By Vlad Yurlov Alcohol-lovers may have a reason for a toast. Oregon’s Liquor Control Commission is taking steps to decrease regulations on sellers,...

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Supporting Students, Not Systems, Is Social Justice

By Cooper Conway George Floyd’s tragic death has led to growing calls for changes to antiquated policing systems. The recent protests asking for po...

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The Era of Permanent Prosperity Is Over: It’s Time for a Serious Budget Discussion

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. The 2020 we’re living in is very different from the 2020 we rang in at the beginning of the year. In January, there were a...

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Cars, not transit, are the COVID-19 transportation heroes

By Rachel Dawson When it comes to commuting during COVID-19, private vehicles are coming out well ahead of mass transit. The Center for Disease ...

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