Metro mission creep-cm

Metro’s Mission Creep

By Vlad Yurlov Metro is expected to spend over $1.4 billion this fiscal year. That nearly triples their revenue from a decade ago. But, has anyone...

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Pinocchio politics on the november ballot-cm

Pinocchio Politics on the November Ballot

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. President Trump is frequently accused of lying. But he doesn’t have a monopoly on falsehood. Look around the Portland region...

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The Dalles Dam on the Columbia River-cm

California Blackouts Show the Need for Reliable Hydropower

By Rachel Dawson Recent blackouts in California have demonstrated the need for reliable and affordable power. Contributing to these blackouts were...

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Metro pushes transportation bond while acknowledging serious problems-cm

Metro Pushes Transportation Bond While Acknowledging Serious Problems

Oregon’s Business Community Is Challenging the $7.8 Billion Measure By Vlad Yurlov After years of planning, revising, and negotiating Metro’s t...

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California blackouts serve as a warning to Oregon officials-cm

California blackouts serve as a warning to Oregon officials

By Rachel Dawson California’s recent blackouts should serve as a warning to officials in the Northwest as we continue to increasingly crowd out fo...

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The nuclear waste reality that popular media loves to ignore-cm

The nuclear waste reality that popular media loves to ignore

By Rachel Dawson Did you ever watch the Simpsons and think nuclear waste from utility plants looked like glowing green goo oozing out of cans? ...

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Oregon students deserve stability-cm

Oregon Students Deserve Stability

By Helen Doran Oregon guidelines for the 2020 fall semester have been remarkably inconsistent, causing confusion and mayhem for faculty, parents, a...

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Percent Symbol Flying in City-cm

Higher Taxes, Less Business

By Cooper Conway Joe Rogan, the outspoken commenter, comedian, and host, announced on a recent episode of his popular podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experie...

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Light rail train northbound on raised track-cm

Metro’s Untimely, Nonsensical Light-Rail Project

By John A. Charles, Jr. Last month, the Metro Council voted to send a regional payroll tax to the November ballot. The rationale for the new $250-m...

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Teenage Students In Uniform Sitting Examination In School Hall -cm

A Money-Back Guarantee for Oregon Students

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. Oregon public school students are not likely to return to their classrooms this fall, with Portland Public Schools bracing pa...

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