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First, do no harm

October 15, 2002 0

Why are so many Oregonians calling for a single-payer health care plan funded…

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Protect everyone’s basic (property) rights

October 8, 2002 0

Last week the Oregon Supreme Court invalidated ballot Measure 7, which voters passed…

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A better direction for special education

October 1, 2002 0

A recent report by an Oregon legislative task force outlines how the state…

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An electric idea to save taxpayers half-a-million bucks

September 24, 2002 0

Portland’s Mayor Katz and Commissioner Sten are spending a half-million dollars to study…

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Principles, not taxes, needed to balance state budget

September 17, 2002 0

In June of 1993 Cascade Policy Institute published the report Seven Principles of…

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September 11th

September 10, 2002 0

Even after a year, it’s too early to know what September 11th will…

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Sustainable development

September 3, 2002 0

The United Nations conference on sustainable development is winding down after a week…

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Canadians and Brits wait for health care … and wait

August 20, 2002 0

Oregonians will vote this fall on a ballot initiative that advocates a virtual…

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Put children, not schools, first


The bipartisan No Child Left Behind education bill is unlikely to achieve its…

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GOP: The Bigger Government Party

August 13, 2002 0

Republicans in Oregon and elsewhere are in danger of losing votes, and elections,…

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