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Westside story shows land use planning flaws

April 16, 2002 0

Recently the Westside Economic Alliance and others sponsored an economic “summit” to examine…

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Black holes in education spending

April 9, 2002 0

Oregon’s budget crisis is a blessing in disguise for schools. It has helped…

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Extend Enron scrutiny to government programs

April 2, 2002 0

The collapse of Enron has been grabbing headlines for months. Politicians are on…

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Defuse drug testing debate through school choice

March 26, 2002 0

The Oregon Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court heard similar cases…

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Universities can flourish without Salem

March 19, 2002 0

The Oregon University System will sustain an additional $27.2 million in budget cuts,…

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Columbia River dredging: It’s the pork, stupid!

March 12, 2002 0

The Oregonian has stirred up debate recently with its investigative report on the…

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Creative solutions for school budgets

March 5, 2002 0

School districts in Oregon face budget cuts that present opportunities to empower teachers,…

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Urban renewal gets another black eye

February 26, 2002 0

The Portland Development Commission has put 70 urban renewal projects on hold due…

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CAFE carnage: Death by fuel economy standards

February 19, 2002 0

Dozens of Oregonians are killed every year by fuel economy standards on new…

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Greater health insurance freedom would reduce OHP demand

February 12, 2002 0

Much noise was raised about protecting the Oregon Health Plan from budget cuts…

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