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Kitzhaber doubts power of government?

January 21, 2003 0

After holding various political offices for 22 years, former Governor John Kitzhaber recently…

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Measure 28: No cure for Oregon’s ailing economy

January 14, 2003 0

Many proponents of Measure 28 advocate it as the key to bolstering Oregon’s…

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For a better road system: electronic tolling

January 7, 2003 0

The Oregon Road User Fee Task Force recently became the object of scorn…

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Following New Zealand’s lead

December 24, 2002 0

The New Year brings promise and opportunity for Oregon. Though we face challenges,…

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A sales tax could cost Oregon jobs

December 17, 2002 0

Oregonians have nixed a sales tax nine times at the ballot box, yet…

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An emerging consensus on school spending

December 10, 2002 0

The intellectual debate about school spending in Oregon is coming to a close….

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Metro "faithful" lose their religion

December 3, 2002 0

Portland’s regional government, Metro, is held up as a national model for how…

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Have a prosperous New Year

December 1, 2002 0

Here’s wishing everyone a prosperous New Year. That’s not a trite phrase; it’s…

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A Thanksgiving story to celebrate

November 26, 2002 0

Most children are taught that Thanksgiving celebrates the Pilgrims’ first harvest and their…

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Temporary is a long-time in government-speak

November 19, 2002 0

During the last session Oregon legislators created the current budget shortfall. They added…

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