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Sustainable development

September 3, 2002 0

The United Nations conference on sustainable development is winding down after a week…

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Canadians and Brits wait for health care … and wait

August 20, 2002 0

Oregonians will vote this fall on a ballot initiative that advocates a virtual…

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Put children, not schools, first


The bipartisan No Child Left Behind education bill is unlikely to achieve its…

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GOP: The Bigger Government Party

August 13, 2002 0

Republicans in Oregon and elsewhere are in danger of losing votes, and elections,…

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Wildfires show need to decentralize federal lands

August 6, 2002 0

In the 1970s the U.S. Forest Service came to look at fires as…

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Time to revisit privatizing Social Security

July 30, 2002 0

The stock market has plunged over the last two years. Recent corporate accounting…

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The high cost of government health care

July 23, 2002 0

Dr. David MacDonald is a co-founder of the American Association of Patients and…

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OHSU Tram: Forward into the Past!

July 16, 2002 0

The recent decision by the Portland City Council to build a tram from…

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Education freedom key to religious liberty

July 9, 2002 0

The debate surrounding government education and religion took an interesting turn with recent…

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Charter school law too restrictive

June 25, 2002 0

Oregon passed its charter school law to foster educational freedom. The recent negotiations…

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