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Portland Business Tax Unfair

May 31, 2005 0

Last year, Inc. magazine rated Portland the nation’s eighth worst metro area in…

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Taxing Business Taxes Us

May 17, 2005 0

Critics are complaining that corporations pay less than their fare share of taxes…

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Time for Social Security Reform is Now

May 4, 2005 0

As the debate over Social Security reform heats up, one area of disagreement…

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Treat all businesses as special

April 20, 2005 0

Oregon food processors are the latest business interests flocking to Salem seeking tax…

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Must this Teacher be Fired?

April 15, 2005 0

Summary Oregon’s teacher certification process keeps accomplished individuals from teaching their subjects in…

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Buy Local First?

April 5, 2005 0

The opposition to globalization and free trade is now evident in a new…

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Don’t Tax Broadcasters

March 22, 2005 0

Not too many years ago, the Public Broadcasting Service asked this provocative question:…

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Deconsolidate Oregon’s School Districts

March 21, 2005 0

Summary Consolidating school districts sounds like a good idea, but in reality costs…

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Price Gouging is Not the Problem

March 10, 2005 0

Summary Imposing price controls to protect consumers is one of the worst things…

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The $13,000 Student

March 8, 2005 0

It’s not hard to understand why many parents and students believe that Oregon’s…

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