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Oregon spendaholics must learn fiscal responsibility

August 12, 2003 0

The Statesman Journal has a counter on its website tallying the taxpayer burden…

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PERS reforms are not "forcing" people out

August 5, 2003 0

The mass exodus of Oregon public employees—due to pending changes in the Public…

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Peaceful revolution and recalling politicians

July 29, 2003 0

John F. Kennedy once remarked, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make…

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Now Playing: Tax to the Future

July 15, 2003 0

Why should doing something that is legal today land you in jail tomorrow?…

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An alternative to tuition increases


The Oregon Board of Higher Education approved a change that allows state universities…

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Lincoln County schools clean up

July 8, 2003 0

Salem-Keizer School District board members just learned that they could have reduced expenses…

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Euphemisms and American Revolutions

July 1, 2003 0

Former Oregon Gov. Vic Atiyeh just testified in Salem about fixing the state’s…

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A qualified teacher in every classroom

June 24, 2003 0

A June 22 Oregonian story reported that a significant number of Oregon middle…

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Oregon’s Animal Farm

June 17, 2003 0

The legislature and governor have signed off on reforms to Oregon’s extravagent Public…

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Metro Brew: More pork, less mobility

June 3, 2003 0

On June 12 a powerful Metro committee, JPACT, will decide how to spend…

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