Summary Testimony Regarding HB 3244

March 26, 2007 0

HB 3244 is similar to HB 3948, which was enacted during the 2001…

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Testimony of John A. Charles, Jr. on SB 838

March 20, 2007 0

My name is John Charles, president of Cascade Policy Institute. Cascade is a…

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Testimony on HB 2700

February 28, 2007 0

The Cascade Policy Institute, a non-partisan free-market think tank, would like to present…

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Testimony on SB 80 and SJR 10


Before the Senate Finance and Revenue Committee on deleting the double majority voting…

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Testimony on HB 2557

February 22, 2007 0

Before the House Business and Labor Committee on certain exemptions from prevailing wage…

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Testimony on SB 580

February 21, 2007 0

Before the Senate Business, Transportation and Workforce Development Committee on the establishment of…

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Outline of Testimony by John A. Charles, Jr. Regarding HB 2201

February 7, 2007 0

Tobacco taxes present a moral hazard. By using this as a finance measure,…

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Testimony on HB 2037

February 6, 2007 0

Before the House Education Innovation Subcommittee in favor of removing restrictions on public…

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Invited Testimony on HB2201: “Oregon Healthy Kids Program”

January 28, 2007 0

Presented to a Joint Hearing of the House Committee on Health Care and…

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Testimony before the Portland Development Commission on its Prevailing Wage Policy

October 19, 2006 0

The Portland Development Commission (the semi-independent economic development arm of the Portland City…

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