Day: September 24, 2009

Economic Opportunity Grows with Woody Biomass

Karla Kay EdwardsCascade Commentary

Summary: Woody biomass opportunities abound in rural southern Oregon. With more than 4.25 million acres of timberland that would benefit from hazardous fuel reduction, rural communities also could prosper from the development of a significant biomass industry. (more…)

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Don’t just Blame the Politicians

Steve BucksteinQuickPoint!

[audio:QuickPoint 9-23-09.mp3]

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The Oregonian ran an editorial this week (Stuck in the middle with you, September 21) bemoaning the fact that the Democrats who control the state legislature “shoved Oregon’s progressive and far-sighted business leaders into a corner” by voting for permanent tax increases. If only the legislators had gone along with the Oregon Business Association’s proposal for temporary tax increases, the editors believe that somehow everything would have worked out just fine on the tax and budget front. (more…)

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Corbett: The Little District That Could

Christina MartinCascade Commentary



Summary: Corbett High School is one of the top 100 public high schools in the U.S. Responding to parents’ demand, Corbett’s superintendent opened a charter school so students can attend Corbett’s public school without braving the bureaucracy of the inter-district transfer system.  (more…)

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