Online Learning: One Parent Shows How Virtual School Fits His Son

Many people have no idea what online learning looks like for a K-12 student. This video gives a peak at how one normal family uses online school to give their son a tailor-made education.

(Video by Cascade Research Associates, Olivia Wolcott and Rebecca Steele.)

In 2010, Cascade interns interviewed the Isaacs family of Portland about their experience with virtual charter schooling in Oregon through the Oregon Virtual Academy (ORVA). Steven Isaac said that the virtual schooling option has been a great fit for his son Skylar. He commented that the flexibility and ability to spend additional time investigating subjects of interest has helped to foster his son’s love for learning and emphasized, “we are just a normal family doing their best when it comes to the education of our child.” He continued, “We believe, based on the evidence that we have observed, that we can teach our child in a more efficient manner then a teacher with 30+ kids all needing individual attention.”

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