Ken Ivory to Speak on Transferring Public Lands

Join Cascade Policy Institute as we welcome Utah’s Ken Ivory to share his insights on how to solve many of the western states’ problems through the transfer of public lands.

Ken Ivory (R-UT, District 47) was elected to the Utah House of Representatives in November of 2010. Ken campaigned as a candidate of the “Dad Party.” Ken and his wife, Becky are the parents of four children. Given the daunting challenges that face the state and the nation, Ken took time from his business, mediation, and estate planning law practice to “secure the blessings of liberty” to his posterity.

Ken Ivory will explain why the Transfer of Public Lands is a solution big enough to fund education; to better care for the lands; to protect access; to create jobs; and to grow local, state, and national economies. If we fail to secure our state’s rights to transfer public lands, it will not be because doing so is illegal, unconstitutional, or impossible. If we fail to enforce this “solemn compact” of statehood, it will be because our leaders lack the knowledge or the courage to do what has already been done before.

As the current president of the American Lands Council, Ken educates legislators and community leaders throughout the country about their jurisdictional rights and duties to manage, protect, and care for the lands within our borders. Ken is the author of Where’s the Line? How States Protect the Constitution.

Hors d’oeuvres, a dessert buffet, and a no-host bar will be provided.

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