The high price of “green” power

The following excerpt is provided by The Executive Club:

6:00 pm •  Wed, May 4th  •  Airport Shilo
The high price of “green” power

Todd Wynn, Vice President of Cascade Policy Institute, will be on hand for the May meeting to, well, illuminate the dramatic increases in Oregonians’ utility bills because of the pop-culture foolishness that passes for wisdom in Salem.

Since January 1,  Pacific Power electric rates have increased by 14.5% and PGE rates by 4.2%.  These increases were due largely to restrictive energy policies adopted in Salem under the state’s politically trendy  “Renewable Portfolio Standard.”   Cascade has just released a report showing that this energy mandate, passed in 2007, is already laying additional financial burdens on Oregonians and will certainly do much more damage over the next 15 years!

Be at the Shilo meeting to fully understand the plight facing you and other Oregon ratepayers.  More to the point, learn what you can do to fight back against this state’s latest politically correct, foolish, threat to the entire Oregon economy.

Meeting Bonus!
(something else to make make your blood boil).
Many who benefit from the clear and sparkling water provided by the Bull Run watershed (most of you) may be surprised to hear that not all is well in the Portland Water World.  That is why we will also a have a quick update from Scott Fernandez, the man who is confronting Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard over Leonard’s  determination to push a needless modification of the pristine water system.

This is a fascinating story.  If Leonard prevails, water bills from that system will be rising 85% over the next 5 years!  Fernandez, a trained microbiologist, in a short, concise presentation, will tell us why Leonard’s plans are so very costly and so unnecessary!


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