Give Oregon Kids the Power of Educational Choice, Like Kids in Florida

By Kathryn Hickok

Denisha Merriweather failed third grade twice. Today, she is finishing her master’s degree, thanks to Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship Program. The key to Denisha’s success was her godmother’s ability to remove Denisha from a school that was failing her, and to send her to the school that provided her with the support she needed.

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  1. Avatar for Kevin S Chambers

    Kevin S Chambers

    10:35 pm - December 28, 2017

    I had a great chat, on Twitter last night about this. Where I introduced my Hybrid Waiver Transfer proposal, I will introduce once elected to rep OHD 20. Long story short, the person I talked to, loves the idea. So do other people, from teachers to union workers, to private schools, to regular citizens.

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