Milton Friedman Legacy of Freedom – 7/31/2007

Cascade Policy Institute


Milton Friedman’s Legacy of Freedom

July 31, 2007 would have been Milton Friedman’s 95th birthday. To honor his vision and the impact he has had on our society, Cascade Policy Institute offers these links to his life and work:

  • Milton Friedman, RIPBy Steve Buckstein
  • Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation“Promoting school choice to improve, through competition, the quality of K-12 education for all.”
  • Watch the Friedmans’ classic OPB “Free to Choose” television series
  • Purchase Friedman videos“The Power of Choice,” “Free to Choose” and others
  • Milton and Rose Friedman togetherAn interview in Stanford Magazine
  • ”Capitalism and Freedom”Friedman’s 1962 classic book
  • Books and other media by and about Milton Friedman
  • Milton Friedman’s CaseBy Arnold Kling
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