Health Care "Reform" a turning point

Steve Buckstein


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Health Care “Reform” a turning point
by Steve Buckstein

America’s founders had a clear vision of government’s role in the “land of the free.” Controlling large segments of the economy was not it. As the federal government moves to control virtually all health care in America, it’s up to freedom loving Americans to take a stand.

The resistance to this usurpation of power began last year with the emergence of the Tea Party movement. Millions of before now relatively uninvolved citizens got concerned about runaway government spending and deficits, and concerned about government taking over segments of our economy that it had no business doing.

On one level, the passage by Congress of the health care “reform” legislation on Sunday is disheartening. It’s easy to conclude that any one individual can’t make a difference, so why try.

On another level, America is all about triumphing over tremendous odds. This country was founded by a group of men who pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honors to secure freedom for themselves and for future generations.

Time will tell if Sunday was a turning point, but if it was, let it be known as the date when even more freedom loving Americans began working to reverse the trend of growing government control in our lives. Let it be known as the date when more Americans pledged to return this country to the land of the free.  Win or lose, this is a fight worth fighting.

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