Blended Learning: Making Technology Work for Students

In the Nation’s Digital Learning Report Card, Oregon received great marks for our state’s full-time online programs and access to blended learning in Oregon’s public charter schools. Oregon received low marks in the national Report Card for failing to make online classes available to public school students on a course-by-course basis. Oregon has also failed to incorporate blended (or hybrid) learning on any notable scale.

In a blended learning environment, “[S]tudents can learn in an online or computer-based environment part of the day and in traditional classroom, even one-on-one tutoring, for part of the day – essentially the best of both worlds combined into one education.” There are many exciting examples of how this is working in classes around our nation.

This video shows the incredible opportunity that most of Oregon’s students are missing out on. Hopefully, such opportunities soon will be coming to a classroom near you:

The Fundamentals of Blended Learning from Education Elements on Vimeo.

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