Recently, Willamette Week printed a story regarding non-profit organizations utilizing the Cooler Email system to violate the privacy rights of their email audiences. Cascade Policy Institute was one of the organizations mentioned in this article. On Sunday, July 15, the subject arose again on the Kremer and Abrams talk show on KXL radio. To clarify, here at Cascade Policy Institute, we use the Cooler system to promote our Speaker’s Bureau and to send weekly policy briefs and event invitations to our constituents. We do not track who forwards our info to whom, nor do we read personal comments written by our readers. Cooler merely provides a convenient means for us to send mass emails to a large audience. We cannot speak for other organizations who use Cooler, but, at Cascade, we use this service with integrity and we respect the privacy of our readers. Thank you.

To read the Willamette Week article, please log on here. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Tina Pisenti at Cascade Policy Institute, at 503-242-0900.

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