What is a Libertarian, and Why Should I Care?

Please join us for Cascade’s monthly Policy Picnic featuring CPI Board member Michael Barton.

We at Cascade Policy Institute fashion ourselves a libertarian think tank. This description is often misunderstood or ignored, but it is important to us because our goal is to advance liberty in the face of coercion from both the right and the left.

In this discussion Michael hopes to describe what it means (to him) to be a libertarian, how that system of beliefs differs from both the conservative and liberal worldviews, and how Cascade Policy Institute hopes to ally itself with elements of both the right and the left in order to advocate for an Oregon that is both more free and more prosperous.

Admission is free. Please bring your own lunch. Coffee and cookies will be served. Space is limited to ten guests on a first come, first served basis, so sign up early. To RSVP, email Patrick Schmitt at patrick@cascadepolicy.org or call 503-242-0900.

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