U- Choose Education Forum: Business and Government

Meeting the challenges of running a business in Oregon

Join the U-Choose Education Forum addressing government’s escalating attacks on business.  Tuesday June 19, 6:30- 9:00PM, West End Building, 4101 Kruse Way, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Oregon is a beautiful place to live, but, unless you are in one of the government favored industries, it is perceived to be one of the less business friendly states.  Over the last decade the economy of this state has been in steady decline.

Are taxes, regulations, and mandates strangling the economy of this state?  Can businesses survive and thrive in Oregon? How can our elected officials, at every level of government in Oregon, work to make Oregon more business friendly?

These questions will be addressed by speakers who operate businesses in this state and who are, or have been, candidates for public office.


Karen Bowerman- Dean Emeritus, College of Business and Public Administration, California State University San Bernardino and primary candidate CD5.


Lew Barnes: Founder and president of Summit Manufacturing, former Vietnam Marine, and candidate for State Representative District 31.
Gary Coe: Founder and leader of seven successful businesses which have employed hundreds of Oregonians including Speed’s Towing and Pacific Cascade Towncar.  He is a candidate for State Senator District 14.
Representative Matt Wingard: Oregon House of Representatives, R-Wilsonville, District 26.
Councilor Mike Kehoe: Lake Oswego City Council and recent founder of four new companies.

Are you running a business in Oregon? Come share your own views and experiences during U-Talk.

Children, teens, adults welcome.

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