To Fluoridate or Not to Fluoridate?

Please join us for Cascade’s monthly Policy Picnic, led by Dr. Char Glenn, on Wednesday, April 17, at noon.

Portlanders can vote this May on whether the City Council should fluoridate the water for 900,000 people.  Dr. Glenn will explore better ways to grow and keep healthy teeth and explain the differences between water fluoridation chemicals and the fluoride in your toothpaste. She also will address concerns about individual autonomy, one of the reasons most countries in Europe do NOT fluoridate.

Char Glenn is an internal medicine physician practicing in Northwest Portland.  She focuses on prevention of future medical problems and addresses the root causes of problems when they occur.

Admission is free. Please bring your own lunch. Coffee and cookies will be served. Space is limited to ten guests on a first come, first served basis, so sign up early. To RSVP, email Patrick Schmitt at or call 503-242-0900.

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