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Those who subscribe to the principles of individual liberty, limited government and free markets call themselves by many names, including conservative, liberal and libertarian. Cascade combines an appreciation for private enterprise and the market process with a respect for civil liberties. In short, we believe that human happiness, prosperity and social harmony require a limited government that upholds property rights and leaves individuals free to pursue their dreams.

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“Gainful Employment” Regulations Will Hurt Private Colleges

Cascade Policy Institute | November 26, 2014
Ever since John Kenneth Galbraith published The Affluent Society in 1958, American liberals have been striving to build a full-fledged European welfare state in America. President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society program was ...  read more

Press Release: Legal Analysis Finds Land Board in Breach of Trust over Elliott State Forest

John Charles | November 25, 2014
November 25, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contacts: John A. Charles, Jr. 503-242-0900 Kathryn Walter 617-519-6168   PORTLAND, Ore. ― A detailed legal analysis released today by Cascade ...  read more

Let’s Talk Turkey – with Uncle Sam

Steve Buckstein | November 24, 2014
On this Thanksgiving I have to give credit to The Blaze for alerting me to a serious issue of public concern. Apparently the U.S. government, in its collective wisdom, believes ...  read more

Scare Tactics Not Working in Road Tax Debates

John Charles | November 19, 2014
The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) recently issued a report describing the deteriorating condition of Oregon highways. The authors estimate that the cumulative cost to the state economy from poor ...  read more

Tear Down Oregon’s (Self-Created) Berlin Walls!

Steve Buckstein | November 14, 2014
The Berlin Wall came down twenty-five years ago this week. The Wall, which separated East and West Berlin, was one of the most powerful visible symbols of the metaphoric “Iron ...  read more

Who’s Accountable to Parents?

Kathryn Hickok | November 21, 2014
Controversial Seaside Conference Provokes Questions About Parents’ Rights in Education KOIN 6 News’ Carla Castano reported this week that children as young as 11 have been attending an “adolescent sex conference” held annually in Seaside, Oregon. The conference, which involves some taxpayer money, is directed ...  read more

Things We Take for Granted

Kathryn Hickok | November 10, 2014
If your kitchen has white ovenproof baking dishes featuring little blue flowers, you can thank Dr. Donald Stookey, who died last week at age 99. Dr. Stookey was the scientist and inventor who created CorningWare, “a type of glass so strong that the military used ...  read more

Watch Georgie the Dog Bust the “Oregon Myth”

Kathryn Hickok | October 29, 2014
What’s wrong with Oregon? Where are the jobs? And why is there so much traffic? If you’ve ever wondered why Oregon is the way it is, “Beyond the Oregon Myth” can explain it to you. This new online film by Third Century Solutions takes you ...  read more
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