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Those who subscribe to the principles of individual liberty, limited government and free markets call themselves by many names, including conservative, liberal and libertarian. Cascade combines an appreciation for private enterprise and the market process with a respect for civil liberties. In short, we believe that human happiness, prosperity and social harmony require a limited government that upholds property rights and leaves individuals free to pursue their dreams.

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Cascade Policy Institute Encourages a ‘No’ Vote on Measure 86

Steve Buckstein | September 18, 2014
The Board of Directors for the Cascade Policy Institute recently voted to oppose Measure 86, known as the Oregon Opportunity Initiative, on November’s ballot. Measure 86 would require the creation ...  read more

Cascade Policy Institute Gives Support to Measure 91

John Charles | September 18, 2014
Cascade Policy Institute’s Board of Directors recently voted to support the latest marijuana legalization initiative, Measure 91, which will be on Oregon’s November ballot. While Cascade has always supported the ...  read more

School Choice Fosters Students’ “Profound Gratitude,” Author Says

Kathryn Hickok | September 17, 2014
Students everywhere are back in school, including grade school children from low-income families who are attending Oregon private schools thanks to the Children’s Scholarship Fund-Portland. New York Post columnist Naomi ...  read more

Forum on the Future of America’s Transportation Infrastructure

John Charles | September 11, 2014
Cascade president and CEO John Charles  presented on the demise of the highway trust fund at a Portland town forum on August 4, 2014. The forum, sponsored by Rep. Earl Blumenauer, included ...  read more

The PUC Is Right: Some Conservation Projects No Longer Make Sense

John Charles | September 11, 2014
The Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) is a nonprofit organization funded by taxes imposed on utility ratepayers. Most of the tax money is spent on subsidies for energy conservation programs. ...  read more

Minimum Wage Hikes Hurt Teen Workers They Are Supposed to Help

Guest | September 17, 2014
By Parrish Miller In a recent article, economist Thomas Sowell points out a curious occurrence in which the San Francisco Chronicle—normally an ardent supporter of minimum wage increases—published a sympathetic front-page story lamenting the plight of a local nonprofit organization whose mission would be compromised by a ...  read more

Forty Years of Education Reform Failure

Steve Buckstein | September 16, 2014
Exactly when will the last forty years of national education reform efforts, coupled with the last twenty-three years of Oregon state education reform efforts, pay off? Given recent stagnant Oregon student test scores, with more than a third of students failing math, and the revelation ...  read more

Freedom in Film: Atlas Shrugged 3: Who is John Galt? (2014)

Steve Buckstein | September 5, 2014
The final part of the Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy, Who is John Galt?, opens in theaters across the country on Friday, September 12. Whether you read Ayn Rand’s monumental 1,000-plus page novel or saw the first two movies in 2011 and 2012, you won’t want ...  read more
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