Progress Requires Freedom

Those who subscribe to the principles of individual liberty, limited government and free markets call themselves by many names, including conservative, liberal and libertarian. Cascade combines an appreciation for private enterprise and the market process with a respect for civil liberties. In short, we believe that human happiness, prosperity and social harmony require a limited government that upholds property rights and leaves individuals free to pursue their dreams.

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What Gets Kids “Ready for College and Life?”

Kathryn Hickok | September 2, 2015
Students across Oregon are back in school. Have you ever thought about how important it is where a child goes to school? After their family, the greatest influence on children ...  read more

New Orleans’ Miracle School District

Kathryn Hickok | August 26, 2015
Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated the southeastern United States, displacing more than 372,000 school-aged children. Today, New Orleans’ school population has returned to more than two-thirds its pre-storm level, ...  read more

Event Video – Mark Skousen’s View of What Leads to Economic Growth May Surprise You

Cascade Policy Institute | August 20, 2015
Cascade Policy Institute presents Professor Mark Skousen, named “one of the top 20 most influential living economists,” as he reveals “What Hidden Forces Lead to Economic Growth and a Higher ...  read more

Most Teachers Oppose Mandatory Union Fees

Steve Buckstein | August 20, 2015
A national education journal, EducationNext, has just released results of its annual poll asking a number of education-related questions. One question has particular relevance now because this happens to be ...  read more

Employee Freedom Respects Workers’ Choice

Kathryn Hickok | August 19, 2015
Why might workers like the opportunity to opt out of union membership? Some believe they can make better use of their own money rather than giving it to a union. ...  read more

Freedom in Fiction: A Man for All Seasons

Kathryn Hickok | August 24, 2015
“So now you’d give the Devil benefit of law!” declares Thomas More’s son-in-law in Robert Bolt’s classic play, A Man for All Seasons. “Yes,” More replies. “What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?” “I’d cut down ...  read more

Freedom in Film: Shane (1953)

Kathryn Hickok | August 1, 2015
“That’s the trouble with this country. There ain’t a marshal within a hundred-mile ride.” Considered by many the greatest Western of all time, Shane opened on this day in 1953. Based on the novel by Jack Schaefer, Shane is about the end of the era of cattle drivers, ...  read more

Milton Friedman Legacy Day 2015

Steve Buckstein | July 31, 2015
Today we join with others around the world to celebrate Friedman Legacy Day. Nobel prize winning economist Milton Friedman would have been 103 years old today. I first met Milton and his wife Rose in Ashland in 1989. They became the first noted supporters of ...  read more
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