Progress Requires Freedom

Those who subscribe to the principles of individual liberty, limited government and free markets call themselves by many names, including conservative, liberal and libertarian. Cascade combines an appreciation for private enterprise and the market process with a respect for civil liberties. In short, we believe that human happiness, prosperity and social harmony require a limited government that upholds property rights and leaves individuals free to pursue their dreams.

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Charter Schools Achieve Superior Outcomes with Unequal Funding

Kathryn Hickok | August 20, 2014
The University of Arkansas has published a first-ever comparison study of cost effectiveness and return on investment between different types of public schools. The Productivity of Public Charter Schools rates ...  read more

Will the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Subsidies Be ObamaCare’s Downfall?

Cascade Policy Institute | August 18, 2014
By Sally C. Pipes The battle over ObamaCare has shifted to the courts. This time, the president is on the defensive. Last month, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court ...  read more

Join a Union or Pay? Not So Fast, Say Oregonians

Kathryn Hickok | August 13, 2014
A public opinion poll released this week reveals that 84% of Oregonians agree that employees should have the right to decide, without force or penalty, whether to join or leave ...  read more

The Demise of the Highway Trust Fund: A Market Solution

John Charles | August 12, 2014
  In the 1967 film The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman plays a nerdy twenty-something who suffers through an unwanted college graduation party hosted by his parents. As he makes the rounds, ...  read more

Eight Out of Ten Oregonians Agree: Let employees choose whether or not to join a union or pay union dues

Steve Buckstein | August 11, 2014
Because of a deal struck by Governor John Kitzhaber, Oregonians won’t have the opportunity to end forced union dues in the public sector this year. However, a just-released public opinion poll makes ...  read more

New Book Shows Transformational Impact of K-8 Scholarships

Kathryn Hickok | August 21, 2014
Rowman & Littlefield recently released Opportunity and Hope: Transforming Children’s Lives through Scholarships by prominent author Naomi Schaefer Riley. In her book, Ms. Riley profiles ten young men and women from across America whose lives have been improved through scholarships allowing them to attend private ...  read more

New Oregon Poll Results Kick Off National Employee Freedom Week

Kathryn Hickok | August 8, 2014
This Sunday marks the start of National Employee Freedom Week (NEFW), a grassroots campaign of 77 organizations in 44 states dedicated to helping union employees learn about their right to leave their unions. NEFW runs from August 10-16, 2014. To mark the start of National ...  read more

Freedom in Film: Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948)

Kathryn Hickok | August 7, 2014
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of square footage. Metro planners, take note: A spacious single-family home is part of the American Dream, and people can only suppress that desire for so long before the truth comes out. As relevant to the Portland metro area today ...  read more
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