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Do your children attend a private school or a charter school? Do you home school them? Would you like to make such a choice if you could afford it?

Our recent poll found that 87 percent of Oregonians would like more school choices for their children. If you’re one of them, now you can tell everyone what making such a choice has meant to you and your family, or what such a choice could mean to you if you don’t already have it.

Cascade Policy Institute has just launched the Oregon School Choice Video Contest. Both parents and K-12 Oregon students can enter by making up to a two-minute video about school choice. You don’t have to produce a professional film. Just tell a persuasive story, and you might be one of the twenty finalists who will each win $250.

A random drawing among the finalists present at the awards ceremony in mid-April will determine the Grand Prize winner, who will get up to $10,000 for qualified educational expenses. Think about how $10,000 could help make your school choice dreams come true. Or if you already have school choice, think about how $10,000 could help make sure that you can continue to exercise that choice.

If you want such choices, or if you’ve already made a choice but would like help paying for it, you can enter the Oregon School Choice Video Contest by going online to Make your video; tell your school choice story; and maybe you’ll be the winner of $10,000 for your child’s education.

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