Help CSF Win $200,000 Award from American Express

The Children’s Scholarship Fund, the national organization that provides matching funding to Cascade for the Children’s Scholarship Fund-Portland program, has been presented with a wonderful opportunity.

Support the Children’s Scholarship Fund today by voting online for CSF to win $200,000 from American Express.

All you have to do is join Members Project by registering a username and e-mail address and cast a vote for CSF each week starting Monday, November 29, through Sunday, February 20.  You do not have to be an American Express cardholder to join and vote. After the three-month voting period is complete, Members Project will tally the votes and announce the winners.

To join Members Project and start casting your votes, go to: now!

CSF is currently #1 in the education category, but we need you to keep voting to win! And please tell your friends and associates who want to help low-income kids get a head start in life with a good education! Thank you so much!

For more information, check out the CSF blog.

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