Children’s Scholarship Fund-Portland: “Giving Parents a Choice, Giving Children a Chance”

Children’s Scholarship Fund-Portland: “Giving Parents a Choice, Giving Children a Chance”

By Kathryn Hickok
“Dear Angel, words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards you, and the wonderful opportunity you have helped my children with. They are surrounded by people that help them achieve their potential.” – Danielle

Did you know that a privately funded scholarship program here in Oregon helps low-income kids get a “hand up” in life through a better education? CSF-Portland has been a lifeline for more than 600 children in our community, and we need your support this summer to keep 34 kids in their schools in September.

Nationally, the Children’s Scholarship Fund ( provides partial tuition assistance for low-income families to send their children to the private schools of their choice. CSF-Portland is the only CSF partner program in the Pacific Northwest, and we raise local program funds here in Oregon.

Since 1999, the lives of 111,000 children across the United States have been changed for the better by CSF scholarships worth over $400 million. 28,816 children nationwide currently use CSF scholarships to attend the schools their families have chosen, thanks to the generosity of people like you, the efforts of 35 partner programs like CSF-Portland, and the families themselves, who make significant sacrifices to contribute to their children’s tuition.

No other program in Oregon does what CSF-Portland does to empower low-income students to reach their true potential in the educational setting their parents choose for them. For eleven years, CSF programs have seen that parents remain highly engaged in their children’s education. When parents are paying a large percentage of their income for private school tuition, they choose schools carefully, demand accountability from teachers and principals, and monitor their children’s class participation and homework.

The impact of teachers and school environment on a child’s life goes beyond measurable results like improved grades and test scores. Parents often report academic gains they see in their children. At the same time, they witness positive change in students’ attitudes toward life and learning and solid character formation, as well.

We want to continue giving low-income kids a “hand up” in 2010-2011. Will you help us?

Your donation is matched both by the parents themselves, who on average pay at least half their own tuition costs, and by the national CSF program (for elementary students), highly leveraging your contribution.

This means that it only takes $900 to support one elementary child in a private school for an entire school year, $450 for one semester, or $225 for a quarter. $2,000 (not matched by CSF, but the parents pay a significant portion of tuition) will empower a high school student to receive a quality education in a private high school in the Portland area.

Will you consider giving a gift this summer that can cover one (or even more) young Oregon students in the fall? Whatever you can give will be gratefully appreciated.

Your gift really will change these kids’ lives.

If you have any questions about CSF-Portland, please call or e-mail Kathryn Hickok at (503) 242-0900.

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