QuickPoint! – Statewide Open Houses Promote a Water Future for Oregon


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by Karla Kay Edwards

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Statewide Open Houses Promote a Water Future for Oregon

Water is an economic driver in all communities. Taking a hard look at Oregon’s water resources and today’s economic, social and ecological demands is important. Most surface waters are fully allocated in the summertime. In many areas groundwater basins face diminishing supplies.

Developing solutions to solve several water issues at once would be an astounding accomplishment and a potential economic opportunity for Oregon and for our rural communities. For example, creating off-stream storage to capture water during high water flows, and using it to recharge ground water limited aquifers, could be a win for everyone.

Communities throughout Oregon should be provided with a strategy that embraces a local approach to enhancing water resources. Oregon policymakers should capture the creative ingenuity of their citizens. Oregonians should demand the creation of a system of managing water resources that recognizes local conditions, allows flexibility to address future needs as they develop, and fosters economic opportunity.

Karla Kay Edwards is Rural Policy Analyst at Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon’s free market public policy research organization. She has held positions of leadership in numerous organizations focusing on agricultural and rural industries and issues, including the Fresno (California) Farm Bureau, Washington Cattlemen’s Association and the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

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