111,000 Reasons for Hope

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Are you dismayed by the high school graduation rates in so many major cities in the U.S.? If you could do something to help lower-income kids graduate from high school on time, would you do it?

Since 1999 the Children’s Scholarship Fund has helped over 111,000 children nationwide to attend the private schools of their parents’ choice. Studies of CSF partner programs around the country show the difference educational opportunity has made in these children’s lives, including raising their chances of high school graduation.

96% of CSF alumni in Philadelphia who left eighth grade four years ago graduated from high school on time, compared with the Philadelphia public school graduation rate of 62%. San Francisco CSF students had an estimated graduation of rate of 89-94%, compared with only 73% in San Francisco public schools and 46% in Oakland public schools.

By choosing the right school for their child and paying a substantial portion of tuition themselves, parents are empowered to hold schools accountable. When parents actively invest in their children’s education, students are highly motivated to succeed.

Here in Oregon, nearly 600 students have benefited from the Children’s Scholarship Fund. Many are now in college or have begun their careers. This is possible solely through charitable donations by Oregonians like you and matching grants from the national Children’s Scholarship Fund. To find out how you can change an Oregon student’s life, please contact Cascade Policy Institute.

Kathryn Hickok is Director of the Children’s Scholarship Fund-Portland at Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon’s free market public policy research organization.

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