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Oregon native Miranda Bonifield is Cascade Policy Institute’s Research Associate and Program Assistant for the Children’s Scholarship Fund- Oregon. When she’s not researching for Cascade, she can be found studying history, coaching a team policy debate club, or teaching middle school girls in her local church.

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  • Gregory Rehmke

    Hi Miranda, At the Freedom Seminar dinner I talked with Kathryn Hickok and John Charles.
    The told me some about your work at Cascade and that you are coaching or helping coach a homeschool debate club. I was wondering if you plan to attend the NCFCA tournament in Olympia this week.

    I’ve held many workshops for homeschool debate students in the Portland area but don’t know if you attended any of these (it’s been some years since I’ve had a workshop for NCFCA debaters in Portland.

    Also, in working with Atlas Network and other pro-freedom organizations, I’ve tried to help connect interested homeschool debate alumni with Atlas, Acton, SPN members and other pro-freedom organizations. Max Nelson at Freedom Foundation was a homeschool debater, for example, as was Andrew McIndoe at Heritage Foundation.

    Greg Rehmke

    • 8:23 pm - January 9, 2019

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