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Money Won’t Fix Schools

Jonathan CalenzaniQuickPoint!

Oregon’s public schools are failing Oregon students. That became even clearer on August 4, when The Oregonian reported new data showing that despite increased funding since 2000, 71 public schools in Oregon are failing, according to federal No Child Left Behind standards. Every time Oregon’s public schools come up short, there is a renewed chorus for more funding. But the history of public education funding suggests no amount of money can fix public schools. (more…)

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What’s in a Name Change?

Jonathan Calenzani


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What costs $150,000 of taxpayer money, is opposed by 90% of the people affected and could cost small businesses thousands? Renaming 39th Avenue Cesar Chavez Boulevard.

For the last three years the Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard Committee has been trying to rename a street in Portland after Mexican-American labor leader Cesar Chavez. Running into community opposition on three previous streets, the Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard Committee now has petitioned the City of Portland to rename 39th Avenue Cesar Chavez Boulevard. (more…)

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