Day: December 3, 2009

Taxing Work

Christina MartinQuickPoint!

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This January, a hidden tax increase will penalize almost every employee and employer in Oregon. Due to the recent high unemployment rate, State payroll taxes, which fund the unemployment insurance system, will increase from an average of 1.97% of base wages to 2.76%. In other words, assuming you make at least *$32,100 (before taxes), your employer will have to pay an additional $269, for a total of $886 next year. Over time, higher payroll taxes may make Oregon’s economy worse. (more…)

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Government Health Care “Reform:” The Culmination of Incrementalism

Cascade Commentary

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The opening words of HR 3200, the initial solution to the health care “crisis” in the United States, read: “A Bill to provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending, and for other purposes.” I haven’t yet heard President Obama or Congressional leaders comment on those “other purposes.” However, let us be completely honest here. The only words in that opening statement that have real meaning are those last four words. (more…)

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