Day: August 5, 2009

Two Job-Killer bills threaten to destroy 100 TIMES more jobs than Oregon’s so-called “stimulus package” will create

Steve Buckstein

CORRECTION of media release dated June 24, 2009

The state recently announced that its $176 million “stimulus package” has created or saved 3,236 jobs in the first three months, spending about eight percent of the money to date. But an Associated Press analysis now finds that those jobs only provided an average of 35 hours of work apiece. When converted to full-time jobs over a year, the number of jobs shrinks to just 54. Once all the funds are spent, assuming the same rate of job creation, the AP analysis finds that it will have created or saved the equivalent of just 688 full-time jobs for one year.

What the state still hasn’t told citizens is that Oregon risks losing one hundred times as many jobs if two “anti-stimulus” tax bills take effect.  (more…)

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The Troubled Ambassador

Stephan BurklinQuickPoint!

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The city of Portland is perhaps the finest ambassador for the Environmental Protection Agency. Nestled in the idyllic Willamette Valley, the Rose City is the shining environmental vanguard, the poster child for sustainable growth and clean energy.

So when the EPA asks Portland to take precautionary measures to guarantee safe drinking water, it’s odd that the city refuses to comply. (more…)

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