Day: July 17, 2009

Oregon’s Energy-Inefficient “Green Revolution”

Sarah RossCascade Commentary
Summary: With huge subsidies coming from the federal and state governments to prop up inefficient forms of energy production, scientists and entrepreneurs are less likely to produce new, more efficient energy forms. In addition, the massive influx of regulations supported by environmentalists inhibits new energy forms from competing in the market. These factors prevent new sources of energy from coming onto the grid and cost taxpayers millions of dollars in increased energy costs. (more…)

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John A. Charles, Jr. featured on KATU 2story on TriMet’s gold-platedemployee benefits.

Watch this great KATU-TV exposé of TriMet’s “most generous in the country” benefits package. Featuring Cascade’s President John Charles’ analysis of the agency’s out-of-control spending and Common Sense for Oregon’s Golden Fleece Award for wasting taxpayers’ money.

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