Day: April 22, 2009



A Hillsboro 8th grader will receive up to ten thousand dollars to help with the cost of a private school education in the first-ever Oregon School Choice Video Contest.

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Who Represents the Children?

Steve BucksteinQuickPoint!

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If the current recession leads to job losses in Oregon’s public schools, how should the cuts be made? When it comes to unionized teachers, the answer seems to be pretty simple, and pretty troubling. (more…)

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My Two Cents and My Freedom:The Cost of Paid Family Leave

Christina MartinCascade Commentary

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Some Oregon activists are begging the state legislature to create yet another social safety net: paid family leave. Senate Bill 966 would create “insurance” benefits for family leave, subsidizing time off from work to care for a new child or a seriously ill family member. Proponents argue that if society values families, then this bill is vital. (more…)

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Testimony from John A. Charles, Jr. on HB 3253House Transportation CommitteeApril 8, 2009

John A. Charles, Jr.Cascade Commentary

HB 3253 would create a tax credit for plug-in electric drive motor vehicles beginning in 2010. Testimony in opposition from Mr. Charles is at 38:15 – 41:58 of this audio file.

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