Day: December 2, 2008

Governor’s Global Warming “Solution” Would Cut Economic Growth in Half

Todd WynnQuickPoint!

Policymakers in Oregon have concluded that global warming is a crisis, that the use of fossil fuels is the primary cause of warming, and that state policies must be enacted to stabilize the global climate. Because of this, Oregon has adopted one of the most ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals in the world. Wide-ranging policy initiatives are being planned that will have large negative impacts on Oregon’s economy and standard of living.

In October 2008, Governor Kulongoski announced (more…)

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The Severe Economic Costs of Cap-and-Trade in Oregon

Todd WynnCascade Commentary


Greenhouse gas reduction strategies should strike a balance between economic costs of regulation and the benefits of mitigating costs that future climate change could impose. Unfortunately, the projections of future climate change are highly uncertain, and thus the estimated costs or benefits of not acting are highly suspect. Implementing a cap-and-trade program in Oregon would create economic burdens and provide little or no environmental benefit. (more…)

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