Day: June 25, 2008

The “Why Not Portland?” Initiative and Its Pricey Goals


“Why Not Portland?” This is the question raised by supporters of a health insurance initiative for the roughly 9,000 uninsured students in Portland public schools. Proponents of the initiative plan to use taxpayers’ money to make basic healthcare available to children whose family incomes are too high to qualify for the Oregon Health Plan, but too low to afford health insurance. The program would cost the City of Portland and the school districts serving Portland an estimated 4.05 million dollars annually.

If included and passed in the (more…)

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Lack of Transparency at the Oregon Health Plan: Simple Questions, Difficult Answers

Cascade Commentary


Before Oregonians are asked to approve any expansion of state-sponsored health care, we deserve to know how existing state programs are working. Transparency is crucial to government accountability for tax dollars spent. (more…)

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