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New Orleans’ Miracle School District

Kathryn Hickok | August 26, 2015
Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated the southeastern United States, displacing more than 372,000 school-aged children. Today, New Orleans’ school population has returned to more ...  read more

“Oregon Promise” Is Bad Policy

Cascade Policy Institute | July 28, 2015
By Thomas Tullis On July 17, Governor Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 81, the “Oregon Promise” legislation that allocates $10 million to a “free” community ...  read more

Nevada’s Education Innovation

Cascade Policy Institute | July 15, 2015
By Emma Newman According to the U.S. Department of Education, Oregon’s 2013 graduation rate is the worst of all 49 states which reported data. Nevada, ...  read more
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Kathryn Hickok Discusses School Choice Week and Children’s Scholarship Fund

| February 1, 2013
We sat down with Kathryn Hickok to talk about National School Choice Week and how the Portland-based branch of Children’s Scholarship Fund is helping local ... read more

Lisa Graham Keegan discusses the importance of school choice

| August 27, 2012
Cascade Policy Institute sat down with former Arizona school chief and national school choice advocate Lisa Graham Keegan to talk about how she became a ... read more

Steve Buckstein is interviewed about his latest commentary “Do You Feel Exploited by Apple?”

| April 13, 2012
In his latest commentary, Do You Feel Exploited by Apple?, Steve Buckstein asked a group of students if they felt exploited by Apple after buying ... read more

Steve Buckstein talks about Cascade’s School Choice Beginnings

| January 25, 2012
Watch Cascade Policy Institute founder, Steve Buckstein, talk about how he and Cascade got their start in the school choice movement. read more
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U.S. Sees Huge Growth in Homeschooling

What does it mean for parents and kids today? The Center for Education Reform reports that since 2003, the number of homeschooled kids in the ... read more

Low-Income Scholarship Recipients “Highly Successful” in High School and Beyond

The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice just released an exploratory study examining the graduates of the Children’s Scholarship Fund Baltimore. CSF Baltimore is a privately ... read more
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