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Testimony to House Committee on unemployment accounts

Christina Martin | January 31, 2012
Click here to listen to the testimony. Christina Martin’s testimony to the House Interim Committee on Business and Labor starts at 41:00.   Co-Chair Garrett, ...  read more

Government Anesthesia

Christina Martin | January 11, 2012
Nobody likes pain, but we need it. This may sound counterintuitive or cruel when you are suffering with an injury or illness, but severe dangers ...  read more

Taking Work Personally: How Individual Accounts Reward Personal Responsibility

Christina Martin | December 15, 2011
Recently, I had a long conversation with an owner of a bakery near Medford, Oregon. He told me of the problems his company faced due ...  read more
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Tim Sandefur talks about the Right to Earn A Living

| September 16, 2010
Watch Tim Sandefur at the Sep 1st Executive Club meeting discuss his book “Right to Earn a Living”. Tim Sandefur of CATO discusses the Right ... read more
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Unemployment Benefits Warrant a Second Look

Oregon’s legislature is currently rushing to approve bills that will extend unemployment insurance yet again. But legislators should pause to consider that while it may ... read more

Virginia, Don’t Stop Believing in Yourself

Do you believe in Santa Claus? By the time most of us stop believing in a literal Santa Claus, we are well on our way ... read more
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