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Educational Savings Accounts: The “Smartphones” of Parental Choice

Kathryn Hickok | November 18, 2015
Yesterday the Senate Interim Education Committee of the Oregon Legislature held an informational hearing on Educational Savings Accounts, or ESAs. The focus of the hearing ...  read more

How Would You Spend $100 Million?

Steve Buckstein | October 14, 2015
How would you spend $100 million? If you’re Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the most successful social network on the planet, you spend it trying to ...  read more

What Gets Kids “Ready for College and Life?”

Kathryn Hickok | September 2, 2015
Students across Oregon are back in school. Have you ever thought about how important it is where a child goes to school? After their family, ...  read more
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Kathryn Hickok Discusses School Choice Week and Children’s Scholarship Fund

| February 1, 2013
We sat down with Kathryn Hickok to talk about National School Choice Week and how the Portland-based branch of Children’s Scholarship Fund is helping local ... read more

Kathryn Hickok talks Children’s Scholarship Fund before the House Committee on Education

| March 8, 2011
Watch Kathryn Hickok testify before the House Committee on Education about the benefits of School choice. read more


| April 22, 2009
  A Hillsboro 8th grader will receive up to ten thousand dollars to help with the cost of a private school education in the first-ever ... read more
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U.S. Sees Huge Growth in Homeschooling

What does it mean for parents and kids today? The Center for Education Reform reports that since 2003, the number of homeschooled kids in the ... read more

Low-Income Scholarship Recipients “Highly Successful” in High School and Beyond

The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice just released an exploratory study examining the graduates of the Children’s Scholarship Fund Baltimore. CSF Baltimore is a privately ... read more
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