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Will the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Subsidies Be ObamaCare’s Downfall?

Cascade Policy Institute | August 18, 2014
By Sally C. Pipes The battle over ObamaCare has shifted to the courts. This time, the president is on the defensive. Last month, a three-judge ...  read more

Oregon’s Prescription-Only Cold Medicine Law Needs a New Look

Steve Buckstein | July 22, 2014
In recent years, Cascade Policy Institute has tracked and analyzed the effectiveness of a 2006 Oregon state law that requires all citizens to obtain a ...  read more

U.S. Has the Worst Health Care? Not by a Long Shot

Cascade Policy Institute | July 18, 2014
Few complaints about the U.S. health care system are as common as the claim that we spend too much on health care and get too ...  read more
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Steve Buckstein interviewed about his commentary, Oregon’s Budget Transformation

| June 1, 2012
We sat down with Senior Policy Analyst, Steve Buckstein, to talk about government trying to do efficiently that which it shouldn't be doing at all. ... read more

Steve Buckstein talks with Mark and Dave about cold medicine report

| February 23, 2012
KEX 1190 radio hosts Mark and Dave interview Cascade founder Steve Buckstein about Cascade’s report on the effects of Oregon requiring prescriptions for pseudoephedrine (PSE) on the number ... read more

Cascade Economist Travels the Country Discussing Health Care Reform

| August 24, 2009
Portland economic consultant and Cascade adjunct scholar Eric Fruits, Ph.D. joined other health care policy reform experts last week traveling the country to explain how ... read more
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Cover Oregon: Out of the Frying Pan…

On April 25th, after wasting more than $200 million in federal cash, Cover Oregon’s Board voted to pull the plug on Oregon’s failed ObamaCare health ... read more

As ObamaCare Turns Four, How’s It Working out for You?

The Affordable Care Act turned four years old last Sunday. So how’s it working out for you? If you’re one of the millions who lost, ... read more
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