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Oregon Ranks #22 in State-Level Indebtedness

The U.S. national debt is estimated at $53,000 per person today―and climbing. But that doesn’t take into account Americans’ state-level debt. According to the Tax Foundation’s map of state debt per capita (fiscal year 2011), Oregon’s debt is $3,650. Massachusetts … Continue reading

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A Defense of Free Market Environmentalism

By Nick Sibilla On July 30, the Washington Post published my letter to the editor where I argued for the privatization of America’s national parks. In response to an earlier op-ed (which claimed the National Park Service was a “prime … Continue reading

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Brilliant SNL solution for national debt crisis

What should our nation’s leaders do about the debt crisis? The problem which has baffled our nation’s leaders, has been solved by Saturday Night Live’s revolutionary book, Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford. Check out SNL’s sound economic policy work … Continue reading

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