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The Portland Taxi Cartel’s Worst Nightmare

Have you ever taken a taxicab to the airport because you thought it would be cheaper than paying for parking? Well, I thought the plan was golden until I learned a taxi costs $55 dollars to get from my apartment … Continue reading

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Protecting consumers by forcing businesses to overcharge them?

Town car and taxi regulations across the country are facing heat for requiring certain “luxury” businesses to charge more for their services than other businesses, like taxis. In Portland, the City recently enforced fines and a threat of suspension against … Continue reading

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Washingtonians Voice Concerns About Light Rail Safety

Governor Kitzhaber insists that including light rail in the proposed 1-5 Columbia River Crossing plan is non-negotiable. But not everyone on the other side of the river is so enthusiastic about expanding light rail in Washington State. Paul Guppy at … Continue reading

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This Week in the Capitol: Sales Tax and TriMet

Cascade’s John Charles and Steve Buckstein talked with legislators in Salem this week about the need to reform the TriMet transit agency and why Oregon voters are wary of instituting a sales tax. On Monday, John Charles testified before the … Continue reading

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Cascade in the Capitol: Columbia River Crossing Hearing Monday, Feb. 11

Governor John Kitzhaber’s proposed funding package for the Columbia River Crossing project (HB 2800) is up for a first hearing on Monday, February 11, at 3:00, in Hearing Room F at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem. The hearing may … Continue reading

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Predicting TriMet’s Death Spiral

The Oregonian had a good page-one story on Sunday about the TriMet death spiral. The agency is steadily devolving from a transit district to a retirement and health-care center, with unsustainable fringe benefit costs that now far exceed the mere … Continue reading

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For Cirque du Soleil performance, cars prove more important than MAX

See my latest Letter to the Editor printed Thursday in the Oregonian about MAX use at the Expo Center’s Cirque du Soleil show, OVO. Mayoral candidate Charlie Hales asserted recently that the streetcar is a better transit option than bus service … Continue reading

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Latest Audit Shows TriMet Continuing to Circle the Drain

While TriMet is busy building a cool new transit-only bridge over the Willamette River and seizing expensive private property for the Milwaukie light rail line, the latest outside audit shows that the agency’s expenses are piling up at a much … Continue reading

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The $1.5 Billion Milwaukie Light Rail Alternative

The video above is to help illustrate the enormity of $1.5 billion, and how little we will actually get for putting in the Milwaukie Light Rail line. We realize many of you will want to know how we arrived at … Continue reading

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Makings lives better—by making them worse.

By Kristian Roggendorf So-called “liberal” utopianism results in a society that has neither liberty nor blissful living.  Case in point: the ongoing car versus bike wars in Portland.  While the civil war has calmed down a bit lately in the … Continue reading

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