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Was President Obama’s Health Insurance “Fix” Constitutional?

Yesterday, President Obama announced an administrative order intended to allow people who have just had their health insurance plans canceled to keep their current plans another year. Because the government’s health insurance exchange website has been severely dysfunctional since … Continue reading

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Government-Imposed Health Care Demand Spells “Ration”

By William B. Conerly, Ph.D. What’s the problem with ObamaCare? Recent technical problems call that question to mind, but the answer is not what you may be thinking. ObamaCare’s website is getting help in what administration officials called a “tech … Continue reading

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Protecting consumers by forcing businesses to overcharge them?

Town car and taxi regulations across the country are facing heat for requiring certain “luxury” businesses to charge more for their services than other businesses, like taxis. In Portland, the City recently enforced fines and a threat of suspension against … Continue reading

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New Tax Regs Would Stifle Rural Businesses’ Online Success

Despite some economic recovery for the state, sixteen of Oregon’s most rural counties still see unemployment rates above 6 percent. Young people living in those areas often must leave their families and home communities to find jobs in more urban … Continue reading

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Oregon Ranks #22 in State-Level Indebtedness

The U.S. national debt is estimated at $53,000 per person today―and climbing. But that doesn’t take into account Americans’ state-level debt. According to the Tax Foundation’s map of state debt per capita (fiscal year 2011), Oregon’s debt is $3,650. Massachusetts … Continue reading

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“Citizens Against Crime” Makes Burglars Pause in Josephine County

With only three patrol officers covering 1,642 square miles of a rural Southern Oregon county, law enforcement can respond only “to life-threatening calls.” For lesser crimes, citizens could find themselves on their own. In May 2012, severe budget problems in … Continue reading

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This Week in the Capitol: Health Care and Hair Braiding

In the waning days of the legislative session in Salem, Cascadians are still at work representing the views of free-market and limited-government Oregonians. On Monday, Steve Buckstein took up the fight against single payer health care, testifying about the negatives … Continue reading

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Cascade in the Capitol: Testimony Opposing an Oregon Single Payer Health Care System

Audio of the entire hearing is here.  Steve Buckstein’s oral testimony begins at the 36:37 mark. Testimony in Opposition to HB 2922 The “Affordable Health Care for All Oregon” Plan Before the House Committee on Health Care   By Steve … Continue reading

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Freedom in Film: Follow That Dream (1962)

What may be the funniest movie about personal initiative and limited government? Look no further than Follow That Dream (1962), a rollicking pro-freedom comedy starring Arthur O’Connell and Elvis Presley. Elvis plays Toby Kwimper, the young adult son in a … Continue reading

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Bills Aim to Stop Tree Huggers from Harming People and Property

By Doug DeFilipps One of the most basic responsibilities of any government is to protect the property of citizens.  To that end, the Oregon House has approved two bills to strengthen the property rights of logging companies in Oregon. House … Continue reading

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