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“Citizens Against Crime” Makes Burglars Pause in Josephine County

With only three patrol officers covering 1,642 square miles of a rural Southern Oregon county, law enforcement can respond only “to life-threatening calls.” For lesser crimes, citizens could find themselves on their own. In May 2012, severe budget problems in … Continue reading

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Bills Aim to Stop Tree Huggers from Harming People and Property

By Doug DeFilipps One of the most basic responsibilities of any government is to protect the property of citizens.  To that end, the Oregon House has approved two bills to strengthen the property rights of logging companies in Oregon. House … Continue reading

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This Week in the Capitol: Virtual Schools, Tobacco Taxes, and Land-Use

We are a month and a half into Oregon’s 2013 legislative session. Cascade’s John Charles and Steve Buckstein are in the capitol several days each week, bringing free-market and fiscally responsible perspectives to issues before numerous committees. On Tuesday, Steve … Continue reading

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Rural Freedom Project – Juniper Entrepreneur

Gerard Joseph Lebreque talks with Cascade Policy Institute about his struggles with regulations on juniper and his life in rural Oregon. SEE THE VIDEO. Continue reading

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Makings lives better—by making them worse.

By Kristian Roggendorf So-called “liberal” utopianism results in a society that has neither liberty nor blissful living.  Case in point: the ongoing car versus bike wars in Portland.  While the civil war has calmed down a bit lately in the … Continue reading

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Land Use bills to watch

Attached are some land use bills to keep your eyes on for the 2011 Oregon Legislative Session. Land Use bills for 2011

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Drilling in Anwr?

Rep. Don Young of Alaska makes a speech on the house floor about oil production in the United States. His bill, HR 6107, the American Energy Independence and Price Reduction Act, would open ANWR and use the approximately $200 billion … Continue reading

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