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Mississippi Says “Yes!” to Parents’ Education Savings Accounts

Today the Mississippi state legislature passed an Education Savings Account (ESA) bill which will allow parents there to customize the education of special needs children. Each chamber now must review the other’s version of the bill for final votes and … Continue reading

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Protecting consumers by forcing businesses to overcharge them?

Town car and taxi regulations across the country are facing heat for requiring certain “luxury” businesses to charge more for their services than other businesses, like taxis. In Portland, the City recently enforced fines and a threat of suspension against … Continue reading

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From Beirut to Brooklyn: A War Correspondent Finds Adventure While Brewing Beer

“Starting a business is as exciting as running off to cover a war,” says Steve Hindy, a journalist who worked for the Associated Press in the Middle East. Selling alcohol was against the law in some countries, so Hindy learned … Continue reading

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“Citizens Against Crime” Makes Burglars Pause in Josephine County

With only three patrol officers covering 1,642 square miles of a rural Southern Oregon county, law enforcement can respond only “to life-threatening calls.” For lesser crimes, citizens could find themselves on their own. In May 2012, severe budget problems in … Continue reading

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Exposing “The Machine”

Just months after the release of Cascade Policy Institute’s webpage, the Moving Picture Institute and have created a video which vividly explains the relationship between teachers unions and politics. Illustrating how a great increase in per student spending … Continue reading

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Rural Freedom Project – Juniper Entrepreneur

Gerard Joseph Lebreque talks with Cascade Policy Institute about his struggles with regulations on juniper and his life in rural Oregon. SEE THE VIDEO. Continue reading

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What is the Cascade Policy Institute?

Ever thought to yourself: What in the world is a think tank and why should I care about it? Then you need to check this out! Learn about what we do at the Cascade Policy Institute and how you can … Continue reading

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Kathryn Hickok interviewed on the value of motherhood

We sat down with Cascade’s Publications Director, Kathryn Hickok, to discuss her latest commentary, “Knowing the Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing.” Click here to read her commentary.

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Steve Buckstein explains Oregon’s slipping economic outlook

We sat down with Cascade’s senior policy analyst, Steve Buckstein, to talk about his latest commentary describing Oregon’s falling on the Rich States, Poor States rankings. The ranking system looks at the economic outlook for each state based on policies … Continue reading

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Caine’s Arcade: A Dream Come True

Don’t you love innovation? Look at this young boy, Caine Monroy. He’s nine years old, and yet he has the entrepreneurial spirit to create a small business with a few cardboard boxes and a great imagination. The boy’s cardboard arcade, … Continue reading

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